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A 1950s love story in letters: Part II

December 24, 2014 Stories Behind the Cards

This is the second in a three-part series of a real-life 1950s love story in letters. See how Anne and Milo met here.

So, did Anne agree to marry her cowboy?


September 1951

Anne responds yes to proposal letter


I’ve been trying for the last half hour to get to sleep but haven’t been able to. Thoughts of you and plans for next summer just keep running through my mind.

Guess I kind of jumped the gun in my last letter. You never did ask me to marry you before the letter. My last letter was practically a proposal and it’s not even leap year. Anyway the answer is yes. I’ve never met anyone as desirable for a husband before and don’t expect to in the coming year. …






She said yes!


Anne and Milo continued their correspondence that fall, making plans for Milo to visit her on the East Coast at Christmas. They talk about their day-to-day activities, their plans for visiting, and their plans for the future. Here are excerpts from some of their letters leading up to Christmas. (Click any thumbnail to see it larger.)


November 2, 1951

Nov 2

(From Anne)

It was wonderful to come home from class this noon and find a nice long letter from you waiting.

I’m sure now that everything will work out all right for us. How could I help but be happy with a fellow like you. …

I can’t imagine life without you and to think that I almost backed out of going to Montana but something inside kept telling me to go. Maybe God was planning for us to meet. … I love you so much Milo.

It’s perfectly alright with me if you plan to come the day vacation starts. It sounds like a wonderful idea. The longer you’re here the better. …

All my love,


November 12, 1951

Nov 12

(From Milo)
Hi sweetheart,

Sure wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you. …

[In response to her question about settling down …] Anne with you and for you I can not only settle down but I can like it. In fact that’s exact what I want to do. That is a promise too. …

It doesn’t surprise me your folks don’t like the idea of your marrying me after all there are several reasons they could have, my age and occupation, location, and I suppose several other things. …

Darling you won’t let that stop us though will you? We’ll get such things worked out, maybe not just like we would like to but some way we will. …

Good nite sweetheart
I love you,


November 15, 1951

Nov 15

(From Anne)
… I’ve made my decision. I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life in Montana. …


November 16, 1951

Nov 16

(From Milo)
… Ever since you left no matter where I am it seems to me that I should be some place else … Sure hope next winter we are married and together. To me now that seems the most important thing in the world. …


November 18, 1951

Nov 18

(From Anne)
… My heart jumped a few beats this morning when your letter came. …


November 26, 1951

Nov 26

(From Anne)
… What would you like for Christmas or have I already asked you? …

Nearly three months has gone by now since we’ve seen each other. It seems like three years instead. The wonderful memories of the summer are still vivid in my mind as the the day I left …

All my love,


Check back on Friday to see what happened in Milo and Anne’s story after Christmas.

Speaking of which, merry Christmas to you and yours!