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red-let·ter (adj.): of special significance

4 things to know about Red Letter Paper Company

1. We exist to help turn ordinary days into red-letter ones by creating perfect paper expressions that you can send for any occasion or no occasion at all. Embracing short and sweet, we believe in simple design that says a lot.


2. We’re entirely printable! Whether you’re totally on top of upcoming events or — oh right! — you just remembered you need a card, these are perfect for you.


3. We support World Orphans, an organization committed to rescuing millions of orphaned and abandoned children, with a percentage of all Christmas card sales.


4. Stephanie, our owner and card-maker, is a former newsroom designer and editor who loves her iPhone and a good red pen. A Georgia peach at heart, she now enjoys cooler days and cloudy skies in Seattle after spending time living in Philadelphia, NYC, and Santa Fe. She loves dogs — especially German shepherds — chai tea lattes, chocolate, and staying up late. Want to say hi or swap funny dog stories? Shoot her an email at stephanie@redletterpaperco.com.