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10 things you should know about me before Influence

October 8, 2012 | 5 Comments

Later this week, I’ll be hopping a plane (or two) to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference. While I’ve made wonderful online friends from this biz, this will be the first time I’ve met any of them in person. Plus, oh, 200 other gals. Many of whom I’ve admired from afar and wished I could be like. I’ll be sharing a hotel room with three other women who also wish to make much of Him in their blogs and businesses. Since none of my roomies (or anyone else) at the conference has ever met met me, I thought I’d share a few things you should know about me.


1. I don’t drink coffee. I wish I did. I love the smell of good coffee, but I’ve never gotten used to the taste. Put a chai tea latte in front of me, though, and it’ll be gone soon.

2. If you ask me where I’m from, I’m likely to look uncomfortable and say “good question.” I currently live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Been here since July. Before that, four years in Jersey City, NJ (working in Manhattan). Before that, Philadelphia. Before that, the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Before that, tiny town in Delaware. Before that, I spent my first 22 years on earth growing up just outside Atlanta. And no, I’m not an army brat. My husband and I have just moved a lot trying to find “home.” This is our eighth apartment (ok, it’s actually a house this time) in 8.5 years of marriage.

3. I’m a Mac.

4. I’m a grammar nerd. I’ve been correcting people’s grammar since fourth grade, when I stood next to the teacher on the playground and made the other kids say “may I please use the restroom” instead of “can I go to the bathroom.” Seriously. Not even kidding.

5. I’m a fan of anything hand-written. (Which is good, since I make greeting cards, right?) Therefore, you will see me taking notes at the conference with a pen and paper. (Also, my laptop won’t hold a charge.)

6. I’m pretty quiet.

chick-fil-a #1 combo

7. My favorite food is a No. 1 combo from Chick-fil-a. There is one a mile away from the conference hotel. You’re welcome.

8. I don’t have kids and I’m not sure if I want them or not. My friend/roomie Amanda shared some of her fears about the conference recently. If I’m being totally honest, this is one of mine: being surrounded for three days by 200 women who have/want kids. I’m sure it will be totally fine, but yeah. Just putting that out there.


{necklace from Along for the Ride}

9. I take inordinately long showers. I don’t know why. I just can’t move faster. Sorry, roomies.

10. My whole business is built around the color red (maybe I should explain why sometime), but actually my favorite color is green.

So there you have it. Now we’re besties. See you at Influence!

[New Card] You’re my pumpkin spice latte

October 3, 2012 | Leave a comment

October is here, and with it comes changing leaves, crisp air and pumpkin-flavor overload (if there is such a thing).

That means the return of the beloved pumpkin spice latte. While you might be having a spicy love affair with this once-a-year treat, you’ve still got real relationships to brew.

You're my pumpkin spice latte card by RedLetterPaperCo

Remind your family and friends that your real cozy place, the place where you can relax, unwind (or maybe get a shot of inspiration) is with them.

You're my pumpkin spice latte card back - Come, let us drink deeply of love.

This card will ONLY be available while pumpkin spice lattes are available, and then it will disappear — till next year’s first cup.

[New Card] You’re my pumpkin spice latte


October is here, and with it comes changing leaves, crisp air and pumpkin-flavor overload (if there is such a thing).

That means the return of the beloved pumpkin spice latte. While you might be having a spicy love affair with this once-a-year treat, you’ve still got real relationships to brew.

You're my pumpkin spice latte card by RedLetterPaperCo

Remind your family and friends that your real cozy place, the place where you can relax, unwind (or maybe get a shot of inspiration) is with them.

You're my pumpkin spice latte card back - Come, let us drink deeply of love.

This card will ONLY be available while pumpkin spice lattes are available, and then it will disappear — till next year’s first cup.

I’m on Amazon!

September 26, 2012 | 5 Comments

Well, my work is on Amazon. Earlier this year, I got to work with some amazing people (including my friend Kari) on putting together “Eating and Shopping in France: Practical Guides to Lifestyle, Manners and Language.” I was honored to be asked to art direct the book. I got to design the logo, the front and back covers, and work with a graphic designer on a cohesive, clean look inside. And now you can buy it from the world’s largest online retailer!

Eating and Shopping in France

See pages from INSIDE the book here!

It’s only available for Kindle right now on Amazon, but rumor has it the real thing could be coming to Amazon soon, too. In the meantime, the flesh-and-blood (paper-and-ink?) version is available for purchase here.

In addition to the design work, I also proofread the book. (Yes, I am a woman of many talents. As long as we’re talking editorial and not juggling watermelons or something. That I’m no good at.) Having read the entire book thoroughly, I can attest that it’s a fantastic guide. It’s full of things you need to know, things you want to know, and things you need to know that you didn’t know you wanted to know. (Warning, you may be craving baguettes and crêpes by the time you’re done.) But seriously, tons of great information, phrases/translations you’ll need, and info on how to not stick out like a sore thumb in France, all presented in an easy and enjoyable read. And it comes with an audio guide. If you’re thinking about traveling to France, get this book!

I SO want to go now. Who wants to be my travel buddy?

AND I can tell you from the inside … Book 2 is in the works now!

Scratch & Dent [SALE]

August 21, 2012 | 5 Comments

Update: This sale has ended.

Being a perfectionist, sometimes I have to set aside cards that have tiny little spots or a slightly dented corner, or maybe the color didn’t print just right. They’re still perfectly usable cards, I just can’t in good conscience send them to someone expecting a pristine specimen. So I’m gonna apply a big discount, throw in free shipping, and hope you can make use of them.

  • Cards will be sold in sets of 5.
  • A set of 5 cards is $10 (that’s 50% OFF!) + FREE SHIPPING
  • Will come with corresponding number of scratch & dent envelopes (slightly dented corner or small spot)
  • Sale runs through midnight EST on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

The cards you see here are all available. If you don’t see it here, it might also be available. (A girl’s only got so much space.) Visit the shop and see what else tickles your fancy.

You can either:

  1. Specify which five you’d like. They can be all different, all the same, mix and match. If I don’t have one you want, I will replace it with a card of my choice.
  2. Choose a surprise grab bag! I’ll pick out five cards and it’ll be like Christmas when your package arrives!

  • There’s no limit to how many sets you can order!
  • Tell your friends. For every one person who purchases a scratch & dent set and says you sent them, I’ll give YOU a FREE scratch & dent card.

Leave a comment below with your email and your choices OR email me at redletterpaperco@gmail.com. I’ll send you a Paypal invoice (don’t worry, you don’t have to have a Paypal account to pay it). At the end of the sale, all scratch & dent orders will be shipped out on Thursday, Aug. 30.

The fine print: All scratch & dent sales are final. Free shipping applies only in U.S. If you’re international, get in touch and we’ll work it out.

Happy saving!

NYC to Santa Fe [photos]

August 13, 2012 | 1 Comment

Finally, some pictures. We started in New York City and wound up in Santa Fe. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us along the way and asked how we’re settling in. More on that soon! But for now, some of my favorite shots…

[gigya src=”http://www.flickr.com/apps/slideshow/show.swf?v=71649″ width=”500″ flashvars=”offsite=true&lang=en-us&page_show_url=/photos/emmarose52/sets/72157631058651172/show/&page_show_back_url=/photos/emmarose52/sets/72157631058651172/&set_id= 72157631058651172&jump_to=” allowFullScreen=”true”]

If you’re having trouble viewing the slideshow, you can see all the photos here.

T minus 12 days

July 1, 2012 | Leave a comment

Hard to believe that in 12 days, we’ll be pulling into Santa Fe for a new beginning. Here’s an update on our progress:

  • We have a place to live! We found a house to rent, and its owner is a licensed Realtor who has a few other properties. She has been really helpful and understanding through this whole process and we’re relieved to have checked such a large thing off our list with such a nice person. Our dog Thunder is welcome here, and I think he’ll enjoy having that small outdoor area.
  • Image
  • We’ve planned our route. We leave Friday to head down to Delaware to spend the night with my husband’s family. Then on Saturday we drive to Columbus, Ohio. Then Sunday it’s on to Lexington, Ky., to see my grandparents. From there, it will be Springfield, Mo. > Amarillo, Texas > Santa Fe. We’ve got dog-friendly hotels booked along the way.
  • .Image

Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers and encouragement you all have been sending our way. Everybody is really excited about this move for us, and it makes it that much more fun for us!

Updated prayer requests:

  • That our current apartment will be leased out quickly. Because we’re leaving before our lease is up, we have to pay the rent until that happens. Going down to one salary will be fine with just one lease in Santa Fe, but another one that is double that back here in New Jersey will be very difficult to manage.
  • That some of our large furniture will sell. For the move, we will be driving with the dog in a car, but we have reserved two U-Pack containers. We pack them, and then they drive them cross-country. But we need to make sure everything will fit, and we’d rather not take some of the pieces we’re not in love with.
  • Along with that, patience in dealing with Craigslist people…
  • Continuing requests are for me to be able to bring in a few bucks somehow (I’m sorta digging the idea of just being a freelance contractor) and for us to be able to find friends and a community in Santa Fe.

As you can imagine, we are extremely busy at this point and I haven’t had much time to update. So if I don’t get to do it again before we hit the road on Friday, I’ll see you on the other side!

RLPCo is moving to Santa Fe

June 20, 2012 | 3 Comments

For the last two years, I’ve been shipping cards from post offices in Manhattan and Jersey City. But in a little less than a month, that’s all going to change. We’re off for a new adventure: We’ll be relocating in July from our four-year home in NYC/NJ to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where my husband has accepted a new job.

We’ve actually been looking to leave New York for a while. While we were thankful for the opportunity to move here four years ago, we never really settled in. Our jobs allowed us to grow professionally and learn new skills, but the hours we worked kept us from really enjoying the city and meeting new people, and although we visited a ton of churches, we never found one to call home.

We’ve been talking for the past two years about cities we might like to move to, doing a few scouting trips last year to Seattle, Atlanta and Phoenix/Tucson. Santa Fe was on our list, but we didn’t get to travel there.

So for months we were applying for jobs in our target cities. We were hoping something would materialize before our lease was up in our apartment at the end of April. But nothing did and so we signed a new lease (which we now have to break). My husband applied for this position back in March, and about a week after we moved into the new place, they contacted him, and he accepted the position last week.

I think this is going to be a great job for him. The people he’s talked with have been really nice and helpful, and working at a magazine that focuses on outdoor activities, there will always be people heading out for adventure. He’ll love the opportunity to get out and be active, and I hope I can take advantage of that, too.

We’re planning our move for the week of July 9, shooting for a start date for him of July 16. So right now we’re in the process of trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff, find an apartment sight-unseen, and figure out how to get us and our dog and our stuff 2,000 miles from New Jersey to Santa Fe.

After we leave New York, I don’t have a job lined up. I’m looking, but I’ll also be taking on freelance design and editing work in the meantime. (Shameless self-plug: If you have a job for me or know someone who might, here’s my personal portfolio site.) I’m also hoping to spend some more time on RLPCo. I’m excited to have some time to do a better job of networking and design new stuff.

RLPCo miss you card

If you’d like to pray for us, these are the big things:

– That we find an apartment we’ll enjoy in a good area with a decent commute.

– That I can find a job quickly and/or have enough freelance gigs to make a few bucks.

– Finances. This is a big, expensive move, and we have to break our current lease. There are large fees associated with that, and we are on the hook for the rent until the unit is re-rented.

– A little peace in the stress of planning and executing such a huge move.

– Finding the community in Santa Fe we’ve been lacking here.

– For safe travels. We’ll be driving 4-5 days cross-country because our dog wouldn’t do well on a plane.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we take on this new adventure. I’ll try to keep you posted as the move nears!

Our June wedding

June 5, 2012 | Leave a comment

It’s June, and with it comes the heart of wedding season. My own eighth wedding anniversary is coming up next week, so I thought maybe I’d show you a few pictures from our big day. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in the last eight years, but they’ve been the best of my life. I can’t imagine having anyone but him at my side.

Lacing up the dress

Pondering what I’m about to get myself into

My guy. Love how happy he looks!

The guys

Me and my dad

First kiss as husband and wife!

The gals

All photos by Jennifer Edge of Zoom-Works in Atlanta. More here if you want to see them!

How I wound up on MarthaStewart.com

May 4, 2012 | 2 Comments

A few weeks ago, I got an email from an Etsy admin that said The Martha Stewart Show was taping an Etsy show with an audience of all-Etsy sellers and that they (The Martha Stewart Show) wanted me to join them. I respect Martha Stewart for all her success — I’ve seen her show more than once and even own a few of her products — but I’m not a die-hard fan. But I knew this could be an opportunity for the business, and so I was in.

Apparently the audience holds about 150 people. There are 800,000 sellers on Etsy, so I am not sure how I ended up being one of the chosen. The show tapes here in New York, and I met some other sellers also from around the Northeast, so it was probably part awesomeness and part proximity.

Martha Stewart Etsy Show

Martha answers a question after the taping.

We were told to bring items from our shop to hold up; I brought this print because I figured it would be easier to read on camera, and a few cards (’cause as you know, that’s really my thing). I was really impressed that they pretty much taped the show straight through, only stopping once for a technical difficulty. The show taped on Monday, April 23, and aired on Thursday, April 26. I can be seen briefly on camera a few times, but my products never made it. At the end of the taping, Martha herself decided we should all have our picture taken with our items on the way out and they would go up on her website with a link to our shops.

Red Letter Paper Company on MarthaStewart.com

And that’s how I wound up on MarthaStewart.com :)

Take a few minutes and look through the other sellers, too — you never know what kind of creative goodness you’ll find!

Watch (most of) the whole episode here … see if you can spot me around 4:16 and 5:06!

Birthday cards

April 2, 2012 | 3 Comments

When I first got started with RLPCo, I thought I wouldn’t do birthday cards, ’cause, well, there’s about a gazillion of them out there. But sometimes you get an idea, and you just gotta run with it. So guess what? We’re doing birthday cards.

The first one I debuted a few weeks ago. It’s an extension of our {not sent from my iPhone} line.

Birthday Card - Not sent from my iPhone

The second one I’ve been sitting on for a couple weeks months. My own birthday is now a month away, so I thought maybe this would be a good time to put this one out there and see what you guys think. I love the concept, but I just can’t figure out the right finishing touch. Here’s what I’ve got…

Facebook birthday card by RedLetterPaperCo

Fun, right? But I don’t love that text in the box. It seems … grouchy. So I’m pulling out everybody’s favorite fill-in-the-blank-and-win-a-free-card game. Submit your ideas for clever text to go inside the box, and if I choose yours, I will send you a free copy of this card (or any one you want). All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your suggestion(s). Simple as that. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

The fine print: By submitting your ideas, you agree that Red Letter Paper Company can use them for this or any item, and there will be no payment for current or future use of submissions. We reserve the right to not use any submissions, in which case a winner for a free card will be chosen at random from the commenters. If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to email us.