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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of paper should I print my card on?

We recommend printing on cardstock, but you can use whatever paper you have on hand. For the absolute best results, use thick, uncoated cardstock or photo paper and a photo-quality printer. You can also take your file to a print shop and have them do it for you.


How many times can I print my card?

As many times as you want! However, the files and cards are for personal use only and cannot be shared or resold.


Why does the color on my computer look different than on paper?

We try to make the images as close to actual color as possible, but there are many varying factors at work. The visual difference between computer screens can vary widely, especially on laptops (just try tipping it back and forth!), and printers can vary nearly as much.


You used to have a Christian card section. Where did it go?

It got integrated! All card purchases come with both files — with and without a scripture verse on the back. That way you can choose whatever is best for your situation.