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Most of us are past the heart-doodling and dreamy-new-last-name-writing in our Trapper Keepers. But once you fall in love, or have been there for a while, there’s no reason to quit with the love notes. Here are a few thoughts on how to write a love note.How to write a love note

1. Choose the right card.
If you’ve only been dating for two weeks, it might be too soon to go super mushy. If you’ve been together for a long time, you can choose cards that express how much you’ve grown together, how thankful you are for the other, and it can even be cute to send cards you might’ve chosen way back when. (I mean, who doesn’t want to hear “I like you” after years of being together?)

2. Use their name or a nickname.
Maybe this seems like a “duh” statement, but leaving out the personal touch of their name means this card could’ve been written to anyone.

Thank you for the way you love me

3. Say why you love them.
“I love you because you walk the dog in the rain.” “I love you because you make the best hot chocolate.” “I think you’re cute.” This can be as simple as one sentence, or you can base your whole note around a list of reasons why you love them.

4. Say thanks.
What’s something they’ve done for you that really made you feel special? Does he work two jobs to take care of you and your family? Does she always lay out the right tie before your big meeting? Does he bring you Starbucks after a long day? Nothing wrong with a little thanks.

Love has caffeine

5. Dream about the future.
Maybe you can’t WAIT to get married in a month. Maybe you hope to be just like his cute parents someday. Maybe you just went out but you can’t wait to see her again. What’s something you look forward to as you grow together?

6. Sign it.
That name thing again. Own up to everything you just said!

Obviously there are lots of different types of love notes and there’s no one right way to do it. Maybe your note is just one sentence. Maybe your note is a novel. Maybe your note is a list. Maybe your note is a tease. Do what feels right for you and say what you need to say.

And do it often.

One card isn't enough to say everything


This concludes our how-to series for National Letter Writing Month. Time to get writing!

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5 thoughts on “How to write a love note

  • Kristen Hamilton

    Great post Stephanie! Thanks for the wonderful tips! I know after 15 years of marriage (19 total years together) I don’t write love notes as often as I used to. You’ve inspired me to do it again!