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What to write in a Christmas card besides your name

We’ve all been there. You’ve already picked out the perfect Christmas cards to send this year. They say exactly what you want them to say. What can you possibly add besides your name that will a) add value and b) not take up too much of your time? Here are a few suggestions…

1. Tie in a holiday memory

Maybe you moved into a new house and got to decorate it for the first time. “We’ve had so much fun decorating our new place for Christmas. Wish you were here to share it!” Maybe this is the first year your kiddo was big enough to help with the cookies. “It’s been amazing to watch Tommy grow. This year he even helped with the cookies, and even though the kitchen looked like the North Pole when we were done, we both had a blast. Hope your Christmas is sweet!” Maybe that Christmas ornament Aunt Sally gave you 20 years ago always makes you think of her when you pull it out. “I put the ornament you gave us all those years ago on the tree last night. It always makes me think of you.” All of these things are great to write into your card and make its recipient feel like they get to be a part of your celebration, even if they can’t be nearby for the holiday.

Gift Tree Christmas Card by Red Letter Paper Co

2. Say thank you

You definitely want to say thank you if they’ve sent a gift. But what I really mean is thank them for being part of your life. Say thanks for their influence. Say thanks for their prayers this year. Say thanks for staying in touch. Say thanks for sending a Christmas card when everything revolves around the Internet. Say thanks for always making you laugh. You get the picture.

Comfort and Joy Christmas Card by Red Letter Paper Co

3. Hope and wish

Send them good tidings for Christmas and the new year: Wishing we could be together at Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Wishing you a blessed year ahead. Hope we can be together again soon.

If you never know what to put in your Christmas cards, I hope these ideas will help you write heartfelt messages this year. If you’re a pro, what are some things you usually write inside your cards?

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